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Attic Access
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Create that space you’ve always needed, in a room you never knew you had.

As your attic is potentially the largest place within your home, our aim is to convert it into valuable storage space with easy access. We will lay attic flooring to cover the part or the entire attic on request. We will also supply and fit a light, switch, a lockable hinged trap door and an aluminium loft ladder.

We can also supply and fit the loft ladder on its own. We make alterations to existing hatches or we can move the existing hatch to a more accessible place. We also supply and lay insulation, an effective way to reduce heating bills.

If you are selling your home, converting your attic into valuable, accessible storage space may increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. However, if you are buying a new home, we can convert your attic before you move in, giving you that extra space you need, at a time when you really need it.

Attic Access is a family business. All work is carried out to a high standard by a professional tradesman. Attic Access is Part P Certified and has full liability insurance for peace of mind.

Making Space, Making Sense.

Tel: 0151 357 3753
Mob: 07944 123488
E-Mail: info@atticaccess.co.uk